Site Payment and Contracts

Reimagine Site Payments & Contracting

End-to-end automation of payment cycles, eliminating delays and manual errors

Budget Scenario Planning

  • Adjust fixed and variable cost options & generate budget scenarios to determine the optimal approach
  • Use the built-in budget scenario workflows to circulate scenarios for review and approval
  • Systematically track & report budget variance from planned to actual

Automated CTA Generation & Payment Manager

  • Generate Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs) by applying user-defined rules for contract to payment terms and let the highly configurable, templatized engine do the rest.
  • Full integration allows contract rules defined in the CTA to follow directly to payment terms
  • Enable “auto-pay” to sites based on various terms and conditions, regardless of data source (e.g., upon completion of a visit, per patient, per procedure, etc.)

Site & Investigator Collaboration Portal

  • Stay connected with sites and share documents and information with ease
  • Provide real-time feedback to contractual administrators to expedite CTA approval
  • Have full transparency of the completion of subject visits and procedures to see events pending payment vs those already paid

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