Clinical Data Management

Provide Quality, Reliable Data Without All the Hassle

Put the power of the data in the hands of data managers so they can spend less time managing data and more time interrogating it

Comprehensive Clinical Data Management & Oversight

  • Make data oversight a breeze with the real-time status of cross-functional data review activities and patient level tracking
  • Manage eDC queries and cross-functional activities including data entry/SDV completion, medical coding, listing reviews, and medical reviews in a single platform
  • Quickly identify review backlogs, re-assign work items, and ensure resources are properly aligned to expedite activities

Automate Query Generation & Cross-Source Data Reviews

  • Say good-bye to inefficient, manual listing reviews and hello to automated discrepancy alerts
  • Use Smart Check AI to automatically configure cross-domain, multi-variable data checks and 3rd party reconciliation rules
  • Fully automate the query process with discrepancy auto-detect technology and system to system enabled query generation in the EDC
  • Use the drag and drop expression builder to easily create complex study-specific data rules with no programming experience required

Digitized Planning & Data Surveillance

  • Scale to the data needs of your study using a digitized plan that allows you to configure and deploy data checks seamlessly in a controlled and agile workflow
  • Promote pre-configured data checks recommended from our library based on study Critical to Quality Factors
  • Be alerted to suspicious data through statistical surveillance models that work behind-the-scenes to uncover atypical patterns, data signals, and outliers

Unlock the Potential of Unified Clinical Data with ThoughtSphere!

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