Risk Based Quality Management

Comprehensive AI Driven Risk & Quality Management

Take a holistic, outcome-based approach to RBQM and the protection of critical to quality factors

Risk Assessment & Planning

  • Upload risk assessments such as Transcelerate’s RACT or create a risk assessment directly within the platform using intuitive user-workflows
  • Leverage our Smart Risk library to recommend risks & mitigations to support teams during the risk planning process
  • Associate risks to CtQ Factors and digitally link them to risk mitigations to ensure an outcome-based RBQM approach

Smart Analytics & Dashboards

  • Surface data at the strategic, operational, analytical, and self-service level with our suite of KRIs, KPIs, QTLs, analytics and dashboards
  • Deliver smart insights including the likelihood and timing of QTL breaches with advanced predictive analytics
  • Create and customize data models, visualizations, and analytics in a controlled, yet agile environment

Automated Risk Review Triggers

  • Never lose sight of risk reviews and immediately alert end-users to safety and quality issues with automated triggers
  • Apply cadence-based and data-driven triggers using our vast library of pre-defined triggers

Customizable Data Review Workflows

  • Intuitive user interface to manage risk review and data review workflows to provide end-to-end traceability
  • Use our pre-configured user workflows or easily configure custom user workflows to fit your organizational needs
  • Enable email alerts to notified users of assigned actions without logging into the platform

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