Mission & Culture

Passion & Creativity

Innovation to deliver a better tomorrow is at the heart of all we do

Who We Are:

Founded by passionate leaders and life science IT experts, we understand the needs of our customers and work everyday to develop innovation solutions to propel clinical research all while providing top-notch customer service

Our Mission:

Provide holistic AI-driven data solutions to maximize clinical discoveries and bring effective and safe treatments to patients quicker

Our Values (iFOCUS):

Innovative – No problem is too big; we crack tough nuts

Fun – We love what we do and have fun doing it. From Code to Badminton, creative teamwork is our passion

Open – No matter the role, gender, color, creed, or idea, everyone is respected, and every idea is valued & heard

Collaborative – sharing ideas, work, kudos – we thrive on working together, failing together, & winning together

United – United in vision, priorities, & workload, we recognize individual strengths & growth opportunities and support each other to develop the best solutions, deliver excellence, and become better versions of ourselves in the process

Solution & Service Oriented – We never lose sight of why we do, what we do, and keeping a customer first approach

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